Practical English Grammar & Composition Paperback – 20 Apr 2003

Key Features The book is divided into three parts viz., Practical Grammar, Essential Word Power and Composition. ‘Practical Grammar’ comprises the basic rules of grammar along with illustrations and examples, denoting the applicability of the rules. In this Section, each chapter consists plenty of exercises which cover all types of questions. ‘Essential Word Power’ contains thousands of words, used in daily routine and asked about in various examinations. ‘Composition’ consists valuable tips to attempt the comprehensions, writing precis and letter including essays, expansions, etc. About the Book: Practical English Grammar & Composition Contents Some Basic Terms of English Noun Adjective Adverb Article Tense The Verb Modals Non Finites Gerund

Participle Active Voice -Passive Voice Reported Speech Preposition Conjunction Interjection Pronoun Conditional Sentence Question Tag Question Framing with ‘Wh’ Words Transformation of Sentences Word use as Different Parts of Speech Formation of Words Spelling Rules Punctuation Marks Paragraph Writing Story Writing Letter Writing Comprehension Precis Writing Expansion Writing Essay Writing Report Writing Autobiographies Dialogue Writing Figures of Speech Paraphrasing Frequently used Synonyms Antonyms Paronyms One Word substitutions Homonyms Idioms and Phrase Animals,Males,Females,Young and Group Terms Phrasal Verbs and their use Specific use of Words Words never used in Good sense Words used in Good sense

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